Community Service

At CITIC Pacific, we again supported charitable initiatives in response to local community needs throughout the year, demonstrating our high level of commitment to serving communities in Hong Kong, China, Australia and other locations where we operate.

In Hong Kong

In recognition of our work on behalf of the elderly, children and underprivileged in the community, we have been awarded the Caring Company logo by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for more than five consecutive years.

Throughout 2013, we continued supporting charity and fundraising events in Hong Kong organised by the Community Chest and Oxfam Hong Kong. During the year, we again participated in Green Day, Skip Lunch Day, Love Teeth Day and Dress Casual Day organised by the Community Chest. To support Oxfam Hong Kong’s emergency relief and rehabilitation work for Ya’an City after the earthquake on 20 April 2013, we donated HK$1 million to Oxfam Hong Kong.

As in previous years, our dedicated volunteer teams in Hong Kong continued serving the community by providing volunteer services in partnership with various non-profit organisations. Throughout 2013, volunteer team members including employees and their family members from CITIC Pacific headquarters, Dah Chong Hong and New Hong Kong Tunnel (1,075 people in total) contributed a total of 5,152 hours of volunteer service to those in need.

During the year, the Caring People Team of CITIC Pacific headquarters supported the Oxfam Rice Sale, delivered festive gift bags to the elderly during the Tuen Ng Festival, and took part in the Unicef Charity Run 2013, among other charitable activities. Thanks to the efforts of the team, we were proud to be awarded the Highest Participation Award (Corporate) Bronze Award at the Oxfam Rice Sale. The team also provided voluntary services for new charitable events such as manning the fundraising hotlines at the Community for the Chest television show in May, as well as support to the participants of the Oxfam Trailwalker 2013 and the Sign Language Event for people with hearing disabilities, both in November.

Dah Chong Hong once again supported the Oxfam Rice Sale in the year by sponsoring rice for the event and sending 50 volunteers to sell rice. To support Oxfam in its poverty alleviation and emergency relief projects in Africa and Asia, including Hong Kong and mainland China, Dah Chong Hong sent five teams to the 2013 Oxfam Trailwalker. Another group of employees volunteered to act as the support team for the five participating teams.

In 2013, New Hong Kong Tunnel continued its partnership with the Christian Family Service Centre (CFSC) and Fu Hong Society to provide voluntary services to the elderly and disabled respectively. Collaborating with the CFSC, the volunteers of New Hong Kong Tunnel made regular visits to the elderly, especially those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, assisted in producing training kits, and helped stimulate their memories through some exercises. Throughout the year, volunteers accompanied the elderly in various outdoor activities such as outings and visits to exhibition centres. In partnership with the Fu Hong Society, volunteers accompanied the disabled at indoor golf training sessions and assisted them in playing games of indoor golf.

In Australia

A positive and sustainable relationship with the communities in and around the Sino Iron area is vital to the future success of the Sino Iron project. During the year, CITIC Pacific Mining continued to support the three indigenous groups in the area. Activities included contributing to the community through sponsorships and partnerships, attending local community events and providing employment opportunities.

In partnership with Kulcha Multicultural Arts of West Australia (KULCHA), CITIC Pacific Mining again sponsored Pilbara Samba band initiatives such as workshops and performances at Cossack Family Day in July, the FeNaCING Festival in August, and the REAF Festival in September, which supports multicultural community arts that enrich local communities and enhance social cohesion in Karratha.

CITIC Pacific Mining also donated items previously used onsite such as linens, cyclone packs and camp mats to the Pilbara Aboriginal Church and Department of Child Protection and Families. In addition, employees gave 150 pairs of new and second hand shoes and 185 Christmas presents to children in Roebourne, where many of the traditional land owners and their families live and work.

In mainland China

During the year, CITIC Pacific’s subsidiaries in mainland China participated in a variety of charitable events in local communities, such as blood donations and fundraising for the disadvantaged. They also made financial and nonfinancial donations to help underprivileged people.

In collaboration with local community organisations, Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel assisted cultural and educational development projects at Jiangyin, such as establishing a model community and providing financial sponsorships to poverty-stricken villages in areas nearby. More than 200 employees of Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel also showed their care to the community by participating in a blood donation drive organised by the Red Cross Society of Jiangyin.

In 2013, a team of volunteers from the CITIC Pacific Shenzhou Peninsula Project initiated a series of environmentally friendly activities, including tree planting and beach cleaning. Other subsidiaries under our property operation participated in charity events such as blood drives, fundraising and gift donations to the underprivileged.

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