Equal Opportunity

We are committed to providing employees with equal opportunities in respect of all human resources related matters, including recruitment, appointment, career advancement, training and development, regardless of age, gender, physical or mental state, marital status, family status, race, colour, nationality, religion, political affiliation, or sexual orientation. We attract, reward and recognise our people based on their qualifications, skills and competencies to meet the job requirements and their performance and contributions during their service with us.


People at CITIC Pacific are rewarded with competitive remuneration packages that are commensurate with their respective roles and responsibilities as well as the associated challenges and complexity of their jobs. To ensure internal equity and market competitiveness, we review remuneration packages annually by referencing the pay levels of comparable positions in the market. Most of our subsidiary companies provide supplementary benefits and insurance coverage above statutory requirements to ensure the well-being of our people and meet their expectations.

In driving performance and supporting the principle of “pay-for-performance”, CITIC Pacific has implemented a performance-based bonus scheme underpinned by a performance management system that measures both individual and business performance. Based on specific industry characteristics and modes of operation, our operating business units define reasonable performance measures, or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), in line with their own business focus and priorities. Each year, the total bonus awarded to employees is determined according to business results or achievement of KPIs, if applicable, of the respective operating business units. Individual employees are awarded with bonuses based on individual performance and contributions, with appropriate differentials applied to effectively reward outstanding performers.

Remuneration packages for senior executives are reviewed and approved by the CITIC Pacific Remuneration Committee based on the following principles:

  • Remuneration should reasonably reflect performance, responsibilities and complexity, as well as time commitment, in order to attract, motivate and retain high calibre employees.
  • Remuneration should be determined with reference to the pay levels of comparable listed companies as agreed by the Remuneration Committee and the top management.
  • No individual should be involved in decisions relating to his/her own remuneration.

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