Risk Management

Each day, every business faces numerous risks at many different levels, so primary responsibility for risk management of each employee at CITIC Pacific is in his day-to-day activities. One of the essential elements of corporate governance is to ensure that these risks are identified and appropriately controlled.

Many parts of this annual report refer directly or indirectly to various risks faced by our businesses, but in this section key financial risks are addressed. Other non-financial risks, such as business, operational and other external risks associated with CITIC Pacific’s businesses, are also briefly discussed later in this section.

Overall risk management starts with the board of directors. The board has established asset and liability management, audit, executive, investment, nomination and remuneration committees whose activities play important roles in the overall control of various risks faced by CITIC Pacific. For details on how various risks are assessed and managed by these committees, please refer to the “Key control policies and measures” in the Corporate Governance section of this annual report.

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