My Dream of Living on the Island

Unlike other projects we have developed elsewhere, Shenzhou Peninsula is not simply a tourism and property development. It is a project that involves the planning and development of the entire peninsula, including the construction of infrastructure and municipal facilities, transportation systems, public services, environmentally-sensitive features, and urban landscape design. Shenzhou Peninsula is a complicated yet interesting project. It is like a blank sheet of paper on which we have planned everything from the ground up, with ample space to play with. In the past few years, I have witnessed the development of the entire Shenzhou Peninsula, from a small fishing village to a new town today, in a 18km2 area. In future, it will continue to be developed based on our blueprint.

We now have two hotels operating on the peninsula – the Sheraton and Four Points. We also have two golf courses, Kokomo Beach Club as well as a lake park. Buses connecting the peninsula to other areas and shuttle buses travelling around the island have started operating. We also have a post office, telecommunications system, banks, supermarkets, restaurants, shopping centres and a community centre. At the end of 2013, Shenzhou Peninsula Commercial Square and a community health centre officially opened. Three phases of residential units have already achieved good sales results, and we began construction of the fourth phase of low-density forest island villas in late 2013.

With this project, we aspire to create a multi-purpose resort village on Shenzhou Peninsula. Whether you come here for a vacation or conference, there are many activities you can enjoy. If you are a sports lover, you can play golf, enjoy water sports or go horse-riding. If you want to be close to nature, you can sail a yacht or explore a country park. For lovers of art and culture, you can visit our themed museums. Even if you don’t have any special preferences, you can simply relax by taking a stroll on the beach, walking around the town, or enjoying a delicious meal. We all have a dream of escaping life’s pressures, and with Shenzhou Peninsula this dream can be fulfilled today.

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