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Special steel refers to steel produced using special techniques, with special characteristics and special purposes. Categorised by shape, special steel includes bar steel, plates, strip steel, tube steel and wire steel. These products are sold to parts manufacturers for manufacturing products such as gears, bearings and springs.

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Special steel manufacturing process

Our special steel plants employ two different technologies: the long process and the short process. The long process uses iron ore and coke as raw materials, and the short process uses scrap steel, pig iron or molten iron. After the molten steel is produced from the long or short process, alloys are added as the steel passes through various production processes, including the ladle-refining furnace, an ‘RH’ or vacuum degassing furnace, casting and rolling. Through these processes, steel billets and slabs are produced and shaped to various specifications according to customers’ requirements. The management teams at the plants are focused on product quality and cost efficiency and will therefore choose whichever process matches the requirements of the work.

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