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Selling products directly to customers gives our steel plants more visibility and stability in terms of the volume and price of our products. In 2013, 71% of CITIC Pacific Special Steel’s products were sold directly to our customers rather than through distributors. Direct sales helps us better understand the needs of our customers, keep pace with market changes, and develop new products according to demand in the downstream industries we serve.

Many buyers of our products are producers affiliated with or contracted to manufacturers in the auto, machinery manufacturing, and oil and petrochemical industries. They include end users such as Toyota, General Motors, Honda, Volkswagen, Volvo, Caterpillar and Michelin. Our top ten customers accounted for approximately 14% of total sales revenue.

In 2013, our sales and marketing efforts focused on broadening the plate and seamless steel tube markets. We achieved improved results by accelerating the certification process of new products and increasing our sales activities in the energy, transportation, engineering machinery, and aerospace sectors, all of which have been identified as key areas for further development in China.

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In the export market, we continued to raise awareness of our products and build up our share of high-end products, such as bearing steel, steel for automobiles, steel plates, seamless steel tubes and heat-treated bar steel. As a result, exports of medium-to-thick plates increased. Total export volume in 2013 was about 1.1 million tonnes, a 22% increase compared with 2012.

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